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PostPosted: 09 Jun 2017, 09:11 

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We congratulate player xxjjxx upon the annihilation of an Arch-Ruin on 07/06/2017 and winning 39 141 Black Gems.

Looking forward to reading the Story about the great feat!

PostPosted: 15 Jun 2017, 20:52 

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thank you really so much.

first of all i congratulate for this game everybody in the production and my clan Sapientia.
this level 7 ruin was first for me and i am very happy.

now my story;

The explorer appear in the tavern's door with crazy look in his eyes, but never stopped till get back to the xxjjxx's kingdom.
He directly went to xxjjxx's hero Battalgazi's side and whispered to his ear something that Battalgazi's face became shocked!
He pulled exprorer's arm and they went to a room in the tavern. There explorer showed the map he draw in a paper piece.
The map was showing The Arc Ruin! In the stories of Mylands they say these ruins are contains unbelievably treasures and
this ruin appears only to who worthy to deserve it!
Just like every treasure.. There was a Guardian Army to protect it. If you want the treasures,
you must destroy entire guardian army for it but this army usually huge.
Battalgazi took the map gave a golden sac of coins to explorer and went out from tavern and after several hours the war call rings
were ringing everywhere that King xxjjxx was gathering an army for a raid to the arc ruin!
Soldiers were shocked and excited that they are all grow up with listening stories about arc ruins and how filled with treasures
but they were also had fear about it because of guardian army.
They were all know it from stories but non of them see something like that.
Battalgazi making geoup by groups to make his army and he has to plan it very well.
At the same time in another kingdom some other people already learned where this precious ruin and they started to prepare their army as well.
He ordered and his grand viziers are came in group to discuss what they need to do.
Firstly he need to get best archers to this army and than carriers for possible victory.
at the end of day his army was ready to go on. What an amazing time, his army started like some sconds before their enemies.
Now whole army was thinking only one thing; victory on this arc Ruin. Army was ready in the dawn and started to marching.
They were all excited about how it will be awsome quest that they are going for. They say you should be crazy to not scare from that army
and it's monster general. After Battalgazi which is xxjjxx’s hero and his army reach to 7th Ruin, war has been started,
it was huge armies who were started fight against each other. Battalgazi gave his order to Carriers to make a line in front of his army,
and 2nd line prepared by Warriors and Archers already waiting their green light to fire on monsters,
and they were looking for Monster Airbornes to make big impact on them as well.
1st day, and 2nd day monsters started to attack on Battalgazi’s army with their last power,
By the way Battalgazi thought whole night about 2nd day of war and he already made a plan. 2nd day must be Fire Elemantal’s day,
and war goes like what Battalgazi planned. At 3rd day last monster defeated by Battalgazi’s side
and this Glory Victory gave lots of price to xxjjxx. Gate of ruins opened at the same time just like a magic
and all of the treasures were gathered in the middle of the castle!.
There was 5 crystals in the around of the treasure and there was scrool in the top of it.
Battalgazi took the scrool and opened it and smiled. It was a map of all ruins around the kingdom.
Force will be with xxjjxx and his hero Battalgazi....

my victory arch-ruin.jpg
my victory arch-ruin.jpg [ 156.53 KiB | Viewed 2400 times ]

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PostPosted: 16 Jun 2017, 11:43 

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The story is too short, and there is no description of the battle itself. Please, rewrite the story to get the reward.

PostPosted: 18 Jun 2017, 15:32 

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I think its a very good effort...Deserves to be rewarded with the Level 3 Artifact...


PostPosted: 23 Jun 2017, 11:47 

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Congratulations! Good job! The reward will be wait for you in the near future.

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