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It was the darkest of nights, the fine sickle of the moon shone high on the star-covered firmament and only the wind whispered around the top of the high tower. The Wizard was laying in his bed, when suddenly the door crashed open and was almost torn out of its hinges as a man stormed into the gloomy room! Wheezing and with a nearly overturning voice he cried into the darkness: “Beros! Sire! You have to wake up! His Highness demands your presence!” The Wizard immediately arose and ignited the candles.
A messenger of the realm stood before him – breathlessly and as white as snow. “Hush, my son. What happened?”, the old man tried to calm him down. His counterpart swallowed loudly and explained stuttering and with a shaking voice: “Monsters! A whole army of Monsters – Bigger than ever seen before!” “That‘s impossible. You must be mistaken, my son. Right at this moment our honoured General patrols the realm to prevent such.” The messenger fiercely shook his head: “I saw them with my own eyes!” Beros grimaced sternly: “Good, you can go now. I‘ll discuss this with his Majesty.” The addressed nodded silently and hurried away.

The throne-room was filled with hectic, bustling activity and shouted orders. Beros crossed the hall and bowed respectfully before a figure dressed in noble garment, who was now watching him with a stern face. The Wizard climbed the last few stairs to the throne: “My Lord, you demanded my presence?”, he bowed down to the imposing ruler. The addressed nodded shortly: “That‘s right. I want you to command my army against this evil horde, Beros!” A few seconds even the time seemed to hold its breath, then the old man blinked shocked and made a step backwards. “Me?!”, unbelieving the old man stared at his lord. Never before had he commanded an army, let alone against such a superior threat! His counterpart just nodded again. Beros felt as if the eyes of the monarch were piercing right through him! He could not decline this order – he must not! The fate of the realm was at stake! With a cracking voice, he shouted into the room: “Gather the troops, prepare for battle!”

His army arrived later that night, while the enemy was still asleep.
Beros stood on a small hill and observed the almost uncountable number of monsters spreading across the horizon with an uneasy feeling. He had discussed his plan with the officers...
He cast a wail of shadows to allow his soldiers to sneak into position unnoticed.
When everyone was ready, the wizard closed his eyes and with a mighty gesture he raised his hand, and an army of heroes of old stormed with a shattering war-cry into the camp to drive the monsters apart. Some of the creatures instantly fled in panic, others tried to attack the Illusions. This was the perfect time! The officers ordered the archers to attack and volley after volley rained down on the enemies!
Even in this confusion the monsters managed so return some counter-fire. Thanks to the shadow vail they had no clear targets and most of their sharp needles only pierced the ground. Still there where occasional grunts or screams as some of the projectiles hit home.
Even during that hailstorm of arrows the monsters started to organize in and the counter-fire increased.
As groups of gargoyles managed to plunge into the veil, tearing apart everything they could get into their claws, Beros saw, it could not go on like this for much longer.
He ordered the lords of the realm on their mighty warhorses to engage.
The earth trembled as they charged; an avalanche of flesh and steel smashing into the forming battle lines of the enemy.
Their lines where thorn open like paper as enemies where cut down by mighty blades and trampled my hoofs.
As the front lines where broken, only a few brave riders and horses where left lying on the field, the cavalry charged on into the enemy needle throwers behind to stop their deadly rain of spikes.
With their lines broken and their missiles taken care of, the infantry charged into the fray.
While the Monsters where still trying to close the holes thorn by the cavalry, some even chasing after them, the second charge hit.
This time it finally broke them, some turned and fled, others fell back to their bestial behavior, fighting alone and uncoordinated. Still the battle raged for several hours until the last monsters where defeated.

Exhausted, but victorious and loaded with treasure the soldiers returned home. Beros was celebrated and praised for his heroic deeds and he was sure, he wouldn‘t forget this battle for the rest of his life.

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Please, add more details of the battle.

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You will be rewarded in the near future.

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