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Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS. One day, war broke out between the two races.

The gods were spoken : "Lord ! Stand up as champion of your own children! Let me never see Athene mingled with Typhon, she who knows not the way of a man with a maid! Make not a mother of the unmothered! Fight, brandish your lightning, the fiery spear of Olympos! Gather once more your clouds, lord of the rain! For the foundations of the steadfast universe are already shaking under Typhon’s hands : the four blended elements are melted! Deo has renounced her harvests. Hebe has left her cup, Ares has thrown down his spear, Hermes has dropped his staff, Apollon has cast away his harp, and taken a swan’s form, and flown off on the wing, leaving his winged arrows behind! Aphrodite, the goddess who brings wedlock to pass, has gone a wandering, and the universe is without seed.

The bonds indissoluble of harmony are dissolved, leaving behind his generative arrows, the adorner of brides, he the all-mastering, the unmastered! And your fiery Hephaistos has left his favourite Lemnos, and dragging unruly knees, look how slowly he keeps his unsteady course! See a great miracle --I pity your Hera, though she hates me sure enough! What--is your begetter [Kronos] to come back into the assembly of the stars? May that never be, I pray! Even if I am called a Titenis, I wish to see no Titan lords of Olympos, but you and your children. Take your lordly thunderbolt and champion chase .

The oracles was spoken to us , coming time for a great victories our warriors have no fear and they are ready to go head in head with all enemies .

Sky and land throw to our forests massive storms .Humans have been undergoing strange transformations into giant animal-like
monsters due to experiments conducted by the evil Monster heroes .They are strong , well equiped magicians , fighters, king
guards a lot of mercenaries .

These monsters are invading our teritories and proceed with the huge strength ,arch monsters rulers come in our lands to collect taxes and black pearls from their servants. The one of oracles said to army comander : They need to be stopped and pearls taken from them , our kingdoms could upgrade armies, protection and other benefits . Now go and report to your leader !

Comander order our explorers and spies to double up their movements to avoid any surprises . All army buildings were working night and day making arows , swords , shields , preparing soldiers for a tough battles .

In a early morning of a one day , the news comes from the neighbour kingdom : agressive monsters armadas are coming fast the great ruler CENIGR wants to counter attack monsters , any allies troops would be gear up .

Council heard stories of a monster arch ruins and immediately order our best squad of warriors to prepare and help CENIGR armies destroy the agressive monsters , the race is on , other rulers spread the word fast .
The brave leaders Wolwerine and Prometheus join up armies and lead the mission for one purpose , to become part of history of great warriors .They landed in the middle of our holy land enjoying feasts steeled from humans ...ugly monsters makes a circle praying their gods others singing , throwing pearls at each other and all over around. Our troops got the killer light in eyes and storms at them ...from every hole, every tree, behind every stone jumps little bloodsucking creepy monsters , Wolwerine wiped all of them with magic swords !! Mercenaries and knights get frontal attack helped with elite squad on horses...
Monsters were surprised with the attack, thunderstorm silencing ours approach , tried to stop and slow us down throwing to our troops casts , curses battle was on , the colision is shaken the world and moves the tectonic panels on every continent... loses were on both sides . Monsters in fear start abandoning battlefields
The fearsome elves and knights troops won the battle . Great victory ! :D

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Screenshot_3.png [ 648.87 KiB | Viewed 421 times ]

Brave elves and brave knights of our two rulers again rise to victory , prove loyalty to their gods of war and please people . Leaders organized festivals through kingdoms ....People , enjoy the victory times .

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The reward will be waiting for you asap.

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