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Congratulations to player mirtinas_lt
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Author:  FJCH [ 13 Sep 2019, 21:43 ]
Post subject:  Congratulations to player mirtinas_lt

We congratulate player mirtinas_lt upon the annihilation of an Arch-Ruin and winning 21811 Black Gems.

Looking forward to reading the Story about the great feat!

Author:  mirtinas_lt [ 14 Sep 2019, 12:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Congratulations to player mirtinas_lt

The demon is the name for the fallen angel. The demon was originally an angel, well deceived Satan to enter into rebellion before God ..........

Archival struggles against the various races, clans, and their minions - below him, low-level guards fighting under their flag. To prevent the demons from seeking out other wars, they could have hordes of enemy monsters that settle in their vicinity and plunder the surrounding land, robbing and killing. From these campaigns they take stock of gold and raw materials that can be scattered in the city and, last but not least, the black pearls that are the currency of payment in this world.

It's early in the morning. Twilight is coming down over the walls, which doesn't bode well. There is a taste of blood everywhere. Our research units have just returned from nearby territory and reports: “We have discovered something that we have not yet seen Your Majesty in these regions. In the nearby kingdom is the ruins of the castle, which bypasses a gang of bloodthirsty creatures. They ravage and destroy everything that comes in their way. "

With a pounding heart now clear in their throats but with determination, I issue further orders: "send spies who disappear, form troops and look for our bravest warriors." "Your Majesty, the spies have returned wearily with your news. Our favorite spy is waiting for a large pile of black pearls in the castle that the monster has kept."

Time to go. There is no reason to delay the rumors of the scheming practices of the masters of the neighboring country.

At the forefront of the army, the most experienced, loyal and brilliant warrior of our empire sets out for the knight :-). The war cries of corps: for glory, honor and victory. The elite troops set out to meet the turmoil of war, at the end of which either a victory or death awaits us. The journey is dangerous and seems lengthy. :-) sets the pace. His entourage keeps pace with him and follows him faithfully through the cursed forests, the steppes, through the hard-to-reach mountains to the magical forests where the bloodthirsty beasts hide. Our troops finally stood outside the gates of the unprecedented arch-ruin. Damn it, break the gates !!! The commander's last commands will sound, and everyone knows what to do. He is not standing side by side in a fierce fight for the first time. At that moment, true hell will unleash. The shooters spew their fire arrows into the enemy line on the walls, but the fire is returned to them. The creatures won't give us anything for free, but it seems that the moment of surprise is playing in our favor. The soldiers of the battering hammer broke the castle gate and are already flocking in the horsemen sling in the castle courtyard. Driving dominates :-), a sturdy warrior, courageous and fearless, who once swore loyalty to the crown. His golden armor, with intricate patterns embedded in raw iron, is now all stained with enemy blood. His hand grips tightly with the throat that he can brandish as if he were part of his body. He knocks down enemy warriors one after another, shatters their skulls, crushes their shields. Thousands of dragons descend from the heavens, whose flames whip out, licking the defenders on the walls, claws them up and hurling them against the cool stones of the walls. It is a bloody cut, weapons clattering, the land is blood-stained and dotted with fallen monster bodies that lived only for the suffering of others, lived for killing.

After a long furious battle, the grave of silence suddenly reigned. Everywhere lay the body of the fallen defenders, only in places there were still plates to be heard to find out who was on the path between life and death. They are influenced by the other world by soldiers who have their swords hot to end the suffering. Our healers have shown a magical ceremony to heal and return to life on a handful of our wounded and fallen. The day smelled of steel and blood, smelled of expectation .......... of better times. Our porters immediately began to dispose of the incredible wealth left by the monsters.

We embark on a journey back, harder, more confident, more free.


let this victory be written in the annals.

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Author:  glavoljub [ 20 Sep 2019, 10:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Congratulations to player mirtinas_lt

Please, add more details of the battle.

Author:  mirtinas_lt [ 20 Sep 2019, 13:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Congratulations to player mirtinas_lt

glavoljub wrote:
Please, add more details of the battle.

why not see my first story and dont give reward i kill 2 arvh ruin in 50 days give 2 stories one is long, in this story u not tell any,and hereyou say short.You don't like the long one at all, you don't like the short one, then how do I suspect what exactly do you want?

Author:  mirtinas_lt [ 29 Sep 2019, 10:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: Congratulations to player mirtinas_lt

glavoljub wrote:
Please, add more details of the battle.

Now i think is stories ok

Author:  glavoljub [ 04 Oct 2019, 13:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Congratulations to player mirtinas_lt

The reward will be waiting for you asap.

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