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The story of how PeterBubu_sk and NullNull824 destroyed the Arch-ruin
      I welcome all of you who read these lines. My story took place on February 12, 2018, and I would like to tell you a story, someone can be ordinary, the other may seem spectacular and interesting, it is very important to me. My name is Hades Conan, and I am the hero of Lord Demon PeteraBubu_sk. I say I am a strong and good fighter ... but I can not judge it myself, but my master believes me and I try not to disown his confidence.

Hear therefore the story of a great battle, which I fought for my king.

I will wake up in the early morning frosty morning, it is necessary to check the training of the shooters and to introduce new instructions to the commander.
       My master's shooters, the King of the Demons Peter Bubu, are in a hell of a creature, and they are wild and need to shake and train them so that their firepower can use their best in combat. We are the strongest of our demonic troops, so I prefer to master my training myself.
       I am the chief commander of the army to my master with the highest engagement, and therefore he doubles me. He is a good king, cruel and courageous, I do not know a better warrior.

        I walk along the courtyard of the castle as the castle guards venture through the gate of the rider, from the neighboring kingdom, the king of elves NullNull824. The rider immediately jumps out of the horse and gives me a letter for my master, I rush fast to the king, according to the behavior of the messenger, the report is very urgent. Peter is on my way to seeing something happening.
        I give him a letter and he reads it out loud:

  "Dear friend, I ask you for help in the fight against cruel monsters, my researchers have discovered the great cheers of these monsters, settled in the mountains near the castle, I myself are not enough for them, so I ask for help. My army, of course, will join you and help to destroy the evil spirits. Sincerely, NullNull824 "

     Peter does not hesitate for a moment and although he can not take part in the fight for an urgent matter, he gives instructions to fight me. He likes to fight with us, but he is the king in the first place, and to make good in the kingdom, he must also deal with other important matters.

     Without hesitation, we set out on our way with our best fighters. It's a long way and we have to go through the mountains, but we move fast. Not far from where the monsters are hiding, the King NullNull824's army is added to Commander Arrod.
     Without a long speech, we rode together to the ruin, from a distance, a horrible rev and wailing.

      I put on a magic ring and set off to attack, our creatures greeted at the last minute and almost half of them fell, started to run away and out of the ruin, those who failed to escape then easily killed, it did not last long and was after the fight.
     But even in our ranks we are fallen and wounded by warriors, and it is a time for healers, Templars and lords of souls to cure them and bring them back to life.
     Carriers, dwarves, and moroders carry all the treasures of gold, iron, and a box of precious pearls from the ruins that we shared with the same work and with a good feeling we set out on our way home.

     Tired we stop in the tavern for the troops to refresh themselves after the fight and celebrate the victory together. There were a number of strange warriors sitting there, wondering at the details of the struggle, so that they could talk about the great struggle with their masters.
     We did not last long in the tavern, but I can not wait to come before my master with such a good apostle. At the castle we are all cheerfully celebrating with our king and drinking all day, and through a lot of fatigue, some have also endured all night until the next morning

      Thanks to the occasional visitors to the tavern, the heroic act has spread throughout the country. Some rulers send our congratulations to congratulators, but they also found those who tried to get their pearls from their king for their benefit, but they would not succeed.

So this is the story of the king of the demons of Peter Bub and the King of the Null Null elves about how they destroyed the arcentist. For my king, it was the second such a success, to which I Hádes Conan liked to help him, and when there is another such ruin, I will be honored to go back to the fight for my master or his side.

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PostPosted: 11 May 2018, 15:38 

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The reward will be waiting for you on the server.

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