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My Journey from birth to Arch-Ruin

Started life on Myland as bad guy and threatening the strongest not the weakest,Helping the weakest not the strongest,While doing all this never got time to look after my self or i dint know how to look after myself and i kept going where i was going,I was weak but strongest ones had prophecies that MyLand is a threat in their future so need to be killed and jailed and stop him and destroy him,Thats exactly what they did killed me and destroyed me and jailed my explorers in my own Kingdom`s,But they were not the only one who killed my troops and destroyed my kingdoms and burned my cities merciless but the worst were the Monster Heroes attacking from far ruins with very powerfull artefacts and skill`s and with thousands of troops steal my all resources of living and Killing my peoples or slave them,Destroy my cities and villages ,Burn my Kingdom, Leaving me behind half dead with no resources of living and completely helpless,with their cursed spells closed gate for Markets so my traders dont trade or buy,Sealed my gates so me and my troops dont leave the Kingdom and die with hungar and no one could help.
But i never gave up my hopes and dreams and started looking for the best allies or guardian to guide me and help me to prepare for revenge and keep up my hopes and protect my Honor so i started my journey to find someone great from the greatest, On my path i passed by many Heroes of My-Lands World but couldn't find any and if i found some they were controlled by others they were strong with amazing artefact and skill but they were scared of someone who controlled them and besides guiding me they started blaming me instead that i am a spy and many more related titles.
But i knew one day i will find someone who is himslef with his own honor with very powerfull and trust worthy allies who can understand me and guide me and prepare me for up comming battles and defend my honor from merciless Monsters from ruins and their heroes.
After lots of slips and trips and painfull injuries finally the day of my joy arrived from unknown direction A hand of a mighty Hero the Lord of Kennoway clan holding my hand and saying 'you can join me if you want" but again i was scared from my past so i told him Kings of other kingdoms think i am a spy and not trustable , and they might go against you if you help me,But very simple words "thats the way of living in this world" and i will guide you and teach you the right way of living and defend yourself from Monsters their Heroes and your enemies and how to prepare your self to defeat them,
3 Simples rules:
Always keep up your premium to be a valuable member of the community
Always have calculation points from the treasure chest.
Always check traders bag may be he got something you realy need artefct or spell scroll.
you need artefacts and very strong skills and spells to defeat the Monster Heroes with big amount of army in the ruins and may be one day you can find a Holly Ruin full of Black gems(known as Arch-Ruin) protected by very strong Monster Heroes and his followers,
The Arch-Ruin annihilation is the quest from Gods to save the lands from the bloodthirsty Monsters! so prepare your self for that gloriouse day.
I followed the instructions of every learning stage and started reading Encyclopaedia,and started dreaming about the ruin which is extremely hard to find ,which appears once a while on a very large map of the world which is searched by every single Heroe who are prepared and fully skilled to defeat the Monster heroes and there army ,its very challenging to find the Arch-Ruin and defeat the protectors of Black gems in that ruin, and thinking every moment will i be able to defeat ?

The Arch-Ruin annihilation
From very long time of searching and waiting for the dream to come true the day of excitement and full of joy has finaly came.
Explorers Report:After running day and nights and in all kind of weather conditions crossing distances from kingdom to kingdoms,Cursed forests to mountains,passing harsh Deserts and 8Dead lands,going through holy lands and forest,After unforgetable extremely hard works,One of my Legendary Explorer came back from years long journey with the most exciting report that he has found my Dream The Arch-Ruin which is gifted from Gods and has hidden treasures which is extremly rare to find in the world and is dreamed by every single Ruler of the Kingdoms,and gave me all the coordinates where The Arch-Ruin was located and sugested to send Spies on that location to find out the current Strength of the powerful Monsters who are protecting the Treasures within,
After the great report from my great explorers was collected i prepared group of most telented spies in the kingdom to send on the most extremely rare and very dangerous mission to The Arch-Ruin and find out the current strength of the Monsters Hero with his powerful skill and his army.
It took them about less than week (Minute) to get to The Arch-Ruin and could not take any chances on getting accurate reports so they decided to split in separate groups so they can get most current and very accurate report of the Monster Army Troops, after collecting reports from all groups finally they came to the final report to be sent to me, the report was brilliantly made with every single information that I will need to prepare troops for holly battle.

Spy Report : Oh my king we have successfully obtained the most current report on the holy Arch-Ruin and the protectors of the hidden Treasure, unfortunately we could not get any information on the Leader of the monsters army so we cannot say where he is maybe he is leading rest of the troops on attacking other rulers of the near by kingdoms or our best guess will be he has taken day off, but yes the hero of The Arch-Ruin have left very strong groups of army each group has different skill , he left carrier to steal your resources and Golems to kill your archers,Orcs to kill your Warriors ,gargoyles to kill juggernauts,Needlsaur to kill your harpys,Witches to heal his deads,Spirits to sacrifice,Snakelegs to weaken your strength, and they also suggested to send the most selected visionaries to keep eyes around the Arch-Ruin and see if the hero is attacking other rulers and when he will be back or he has taken day off and or any allies coming to assist them and to keep eye on every single movement of the monster army,and there might be other rulers interested to loot the treasure from the Arch-Ruin,Visionaries were appointed for the the job to vision every single movement around the Arch-Ruin and they returned with very satisfying news that its very silent around the Arch-Ruin with saying that kingdom can now prepare for the Holy Battle anytime.
War Declaration : The Holy War was declared in to the kingdom and asked if anyone from the best warriors to take part and lead the army in this Holy War not against other kingdoms but against the most dangerous monsters of the Dark Ruins,there were many extremely strong loaded with best skills heroes but no one dared to come forward to lead the army against these Arch -Ruin monsters,kingdom was about to lose hope to win this battle but all of the sudden one of the best Skills holder the Warrior of the kingdom showed up and said there is no one who can lead with out my powers, i am the Ubaid the warrior who never lost battles and i am the owner of many powers and skill that no one can face besides that i have Horror skill that scares most of the enemies and force them to leave the battle and surrender or just run away that skill was rewarded to me from the trader of the gods, I am here to lead the army heading to the most dangerous mission of the Arch-Ruin. The hope in the kingdom has returned as ubaid said There is no chance of me losing this Holy Battle, Oh my king grant me the permission to lead the army and make you and entire kingdom proud of me and my fully trained warriors,I promise i wont let you regret on this decision, and decision was made that Hero Ubaid will lead the army for this Holy war.

The Battle : Right after permission was granted the Hero Ubaid started preparing for the battle and he selected the best army for this battle and he demanded 2 things before leaving the kingdom( spy report to make sure what enemy strength is and vision report to make sure there nothing to be worried about from the external enemies support)after receiving the spy report Hero Ubaid was very confident on the selected troops and on his own skills and the horror skill that creates fear within the enemies after all calculations comparing enemy strength with his troops, Hero Ubaid decided to attack on the defenders of the Arch-ruin,By saying Oh great Warriors of of the kingdom Myland786 do not look behind this is the day to show the world who we are and what we do,Do not fear of death as death is the journey of new life,Do not fear of losses as every lose is new lesson left behind,so lets fight for the kingdom ,lets fight for the gods,lets protect the world from evils,and take over on everything that belongs to us ,Victory awaits and enemies death is in our hand,and the loud scream within the army sounds Loud Hail to the king ,Haill to the King,Hail to the Victory and show no mercy to the evils and fight between faith and evil started ,Hero Ubaid cursed the enemies with his Horror skill which created the storm of fear and at least 48% of enemies surrendered before getting killed by the merciless army warriors,and the rest of the monsters could not resist them self and couldn't even last for more than one round of battle,52% of enemies were killed in this battle ,but enemies did not backup from the fight and they also killed lots of our heroes in this fight ,but the Hero Ubaid was not only and warrior but also had good thinking powers at the right spot he sent Witches to heal the deads and give them 2nd life and chance to fight 100s of more coming battles and witches were very powerful they healed all dead army troops and Declared Victory on this Holy Battle and took over the hidden treasures withing the Arch-Ruin and Hero ubaid returned to the kingdom with lots of proud on his face and entire army was celebrating the Victory Moments together on there way back to their kingdom and homes.

After the this great battle the kingdom Myland786 was rewarded with 41,521 Black Gems and Level 3 artifact and was promised by gods if the kingdom keeps saving the world from evils there will be more and better rewards to be earned.

To be continued with new ruin on new kingdom soon....

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The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. ...
Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war. ...

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Please, add more description of the battle itself.

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Congratulations Buddy for Arch-Ruin

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The reward will be given to you on the server.

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