A player’s rank can be found out by pointing at the player’s domain on the Kingdom Map or in the Ratings Window.

Players can attack Ruins or Cities of players with ranks (levels) higher than theirs.

On Mining Server you cannot attack Ruins and Cities of players with the ranks (levels) lower than yours.
On Military Server you can attack Ruins and Cities of players with one rank (level) lower than yours.
On "War of Factions" Server you can attack Ruins and Cities of players with one rank (level) lower than yours until the Apocalypse starts.

NOTE! Rank Rule doesn’t cover Outer Domains and Camps. Any player can attack any rank Mine, Pit, Salt Lake or Camp.

After a player reaches certain rank, the spell of compassion is cast upon the player's Capital. The required rank is Suzerain for Mining Servers, and Marshal - for Military. (This is not to be applied to Factions War server.)

Ranks System.

Stars Rank From, Rank Points
(for Mining Server)
From, Rank Points
(for War Server)
From, Rank Points
(for Faction War)
Esquire 0 0 0
Captain 60 000 000 25 000 000 25 000 000
Master 125 000 000 60 000 000 60 000 000
Marshal 350 000 000 125 000 000 125 000 000
Suzerain 650 000 000 500 000 000 350 000 000

Rank_Points = Main_Raiting + (Army_Strength_Rating * Coefficient)

The coefficient is 80 for Mining servers, and 75 for Military and Factions War servers.
You can inquire into how many Rating Points each unit adds here.

Information on how many Rating Points remain to the next rank you can find in the Rating Window.

Attack against Cities and Ruins:
Conformity of ranks is checked only once – at the time of launching an attack. If a rank changes after mission have been launched and sent, the attack will happen all the same. Attacker’s rank change will not actually affect the battle result.
Your troops that are to join initiative mission will join the mission even if rank changed.

Ruins' Attack: It can happen so that Ruin attacks player of not suitable rank.
Monsters choose victim and check rank only in the moment of attack planning.
After the planning and until the moment of launching the attack some time passes, during which the player’s rank can change.

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