There are two types of servers: Mining Servers and Tactical Servers.
Also, there is a "Factions War" server available only for the players who complete a proper quest.

On the Mining Servers, as compared with the Military ones, there are:

  • more Pits and Mines
  • more Ruins (up to 7) in the Kingdom
  • much more Ruins for Empire
  • less % of Monsters Army that march out from Ruins for attacks, and the Monsters begin attacking earlier not waiting till they multiply a lot
  • ranks are affected by bigger coefficient of the Army Strength Rating
  • bigger spread in the scale of ranks
  • more strict Ranks Rule – players cannot attack other players of ranks lower than own
  • squares for new players with 4 free villages
  • less squares unfitting to new city foundation
  • the Ancients’ Protection (received as quest reward) that’s staying in the Capital for 2 months
  • more Gods Favour points to accumulate in Temple
  • increased capacity of the Cache
  • less squares of high level
  • more native terrains
  • more the "Exchequer" science gives

Differences of the tactical server compared to mining server:
  • troops in domains don't need salary;
  • resource production is twice as effective;
  • more resources in deposits;
  • parameters of the science and resource production global services are doubled;
  • characteristics of some scrolls and artefacts were changed;
  • in the Temple you can ask for protection from not more than 5 players;
  • the maximum value of the anti-magic protection is decreased till 90%;
  • the minimum army salary for the combat mission is 10% of the basic army salary
  • daily limit on destroying ruins is decreased till 20.

Rules of "Factions War" servers:#

Only well-developed players who completed the three-quests chain titled "Factions War" on any (Mining or Tactical) server are permitted to the "Factions War" server.

Initial cities of Light Faction players are located on the Map to the right, initial cities of Dark faction players - to the left, between them - the neutral zone.
Players cannot attack own faction players.
Up to 3 players can participate in a Joint Attack.
Enemy faction player's city can be destroyed after all Defensive Buildings destruction. Defensive Buildings can be constructed in villages only.
A player whose Capital was destroyed can stay on the server as a spectator.

Evil Residence.
In the middle of the Map the Evil Residence is. It is a Ruin where the Black Gems are accumulated as players expend them.
There is also extra prize BG that are accumulated in same way.
There are no BG Auction, Salt lakes or Arch-Ruins on the server.
Monsters from Evil Resdence do not go out for attacks. It is impossible to send Monsters from other Ruins against Residence Evil.

Apocalypse comes after the Evil Residence was destroyed by players or 4 months after the server has been launched. More about Apocalypse.

Game Purpose is to destroy all capitals of players of the enemy faction.
Survived players receive equal shares of the Prize Black Gems.
After the share, the server is closed and after 3 days - is removed.
The shares of Black Gems are transferred to the players' accounts.

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