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Each unit has three basic parameters - Attack, Health and Defence.
In the battle Attack decreases the enemy's health.
The third parameter (Defence) decreases received damage. Max Defence value cannot exceed 50. Bonuses that increase Defence higher than 50 are cut, in this case the Defence value turns yellow.
E.g.: If Defence of my units is 10, they receive 10% less damage. If the defence value is 20, they receive 20% less damage. If Defence is 50, 2 times less damage.

The "Fortification" round is played before the battle.
In this round Fortifications of the defender kill a certain number of troops.
Units are killed proportionally to their number in the group regardless of their strength and level (except for the Mercenaries).

Combat rounds
After the Fortification round the combat begins where the number and parameters of units and also presence of Pursuers-Victims in the battle is considered.

Algorithms of attack calculations:

Step 1. Calculate the attack value of the whole considering bonuses-disbonuses + attack of Towers and Magic Towers.
Step 2. Calculate the percentage for groups and number of units in the group.
Step 3. Calculate the attack additionally dealt by Pursuers.
Step 4. Distribute the damage portions.

The residual damage (e.g. the Warrior group don't have enough health to take all damage) is distributed among other groups of units proportionally.

Damage calculation:

1. calculate all attack from one side
2. reduce the attack by %, equal to the defence of the other part
3. subtract the attack value from health and receive the remaining health of the other part.


E.g.: The Cavalry is the pursuer for the Warriors, accordingly the Warrior is a victim for the Cavalry.
Combat in each round is played according to standard rules, i.e. the Cavalry deals damage to all enemy troops according to the algorithm, plus the cavalry deals additional damage only to the Warriors.

% of losses in the battle,
when you troops retreat – set in the Main building.
For the attacker in the dialog box of the mission.
At the end of each round the system check the losses limit for each army. If the limit is reached the army retreats and don't participate in the next round. If all armies from any side retreat – the combat round are over.


If both players reached the limit of losses in same round, the Defender is considered the Winner.

In the end of battle the "Resurrection" round takes place
Healers that survived resurrect fallen in battle units from their troops first, and then - units of the ally troops.
The process begins from the left and is exercised by one unit for each group. That is, 1 Carrier is to be resurrected fist, 1 Warrior - next, 1 Cavalary unit - next, and so on. After 1 Mage is resurrected, another Carrier is in the queue. Ressurected healer do not resurrect units in current battle.
E.g.: If 10 Warriors and 100 Carriers fell in the battle, and only 20 can be resurrected, then 10 Carriers and 10 Warriors will be the resurrected units.

If two or more armies participate in the battle from on side, the dealt damage is proportionally distributed among unit groups for all armies considering Pursuers-Victims. Attack of armies is added together.
The defence bonus of Fortifications is not applied to the assistance armies.

Bonuses / Penalties.
Attack/Defence Bonuses and Penalties are considered in the course of battle:
1. Race/Fraction Penalties,
2. Native Land Bonus,
3. other Terrains Bonuses and Penalties.

2.Native Land Bonus - Defence Bonus.

Magic Forest Cursed Forrest Holy Land Deadland
Elves +25 Defence
Drow +25 Defence
Knights +25 Defence
Demons +25 Defence

3. OtherTerrains Bonuses/penalties - Attack Bonus/Penalty,%:

Mountains Desert Forest Steppe Underground
Warrior -50% 50%
Cavalry -50% 50%
Airborne50% -50%
Archer 50% -50%
Mercenary -50%

Enemy garrison information.
Attacker will not see enemy troops in the Battle Report: