Catapult is a battle unit of a special type that allows you to destroy buildings in besieged Outer Estates.

In the Workshop building, a Catapult can be trained and sent to its destination coordinates. With that, a mission called «Catapult set-up» will be sent to the specified kingdom cell. Set-up time - 1 hour.


Once the Catapult is set up, you can start destroying enemy buildings. To do so, click the goblin icon in the «Catapult» estate, type in the target coordinates, choose the type of attacked buildings and confirm by clicking «Start the siege». The very first shot will be made instantly, after that a shot will be fired every 3 hours. If there are several buildings of targeted type in the Outer Estate, a randon one will be attacked. Each shot destroys 1 building level, no matter what bonuses/disbonuses are applied. Shot range is the current kingdom.

The Catapult can target buildings inside the estate, as well as the ones in its Villages: pits (even if the tunnel is closed), Lakes, Clan Castles, Grails. At any moment, you can suspend the siege or change its target, however the cooldown of shots made won't be reset.

Destroying a Catapult#

During and after setting up the Catapult, it can be destroyed by means of «Catapult destruction» mission.
Shall the Clan loose the Castle from which the Catapult was sent, it becomes the property of the new Castle owner. With that the ongoing siege is automatically suspended.
If the Workshop building with a trained Catapult inside was destroyed, the Catapult vanishes. However if the Catapult was on the way or already in the position, it remains undamaged.