Diplomatic Corps in a Clan Castle allows to declare war against enemy clan and sign treaty of peace with friendly clan, which in turn raises the income of war and peace points.

1 1 000 000 50 000

Only one Diplomatic Corps can be constructed in a Clan Castle.
Diplomatic Corps allows to sign treaty of peace with maximum 3 clans and declare war against maximum 3 clans. If the Diplomatic Corps gets destroyed, interclan relationships remain unchanged.

For signing treaty of peace clan needs to send peace offer to another clan which has to accept it.
It is impossible to offer treaty of peace to the clan you have declared war on or to the clan that has declared war against your clan.
After signing treaty of peace all players of both clans can`t attack each other. The speed of merchant missions between clan`s estate doubles. Clan Castle gets 1 peace point for resources worth 1.500.000 in gold sold to players from the friended clan.

The dissolution of peace treaty can be initiated by any of the two clans and takes 24 hours. Within this time the dissolution can be canceled.

After losing the last of Clan Castle, all treaties of peace will be automatically dissolved.

In order to declare war on other clan, you need to click the clan and choose the option «Declare war». War will be declared in 24 hours.
War can be declared only on clans with the same or bigger amount of Clan Castles.
Declaration of war doesn't need to be accepted by the target clan. Many clans can declare war on the very same clan.

For annihilation of troops and buildings belonging to the enemy clan, your clan declared war on, Clan Castles of your clan will each get 1 War Point (for annihilated troops and buildings worth 500.000 in gold).
Killed troops are calculated the same way as for Faction Rating: only attackers get points; killed troops of all Castle defenders are taken into account; monster troops, unless in the garrison, are not taken into account.
Clan who declared the war can stop the war. The war will be stopped automatically, if the target clan loses one Clan Castle and therefore has one Castle less then the Clan that declared the war. War will be ended automatically, if the aggressor clan losses all its Clan Castles. In order to stop the war, the button «End the war» needs to be clicked. The war will be ended instantly.

When loosing the last of Clan Castles, all declared wars and treaties of peace get automatically dissolved at the very instant.

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