Quests are given by the Counsellor whose icon can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen. Quests are not obligatory. You can chose whether to complete or not the quests given. If you decide not to complete a quest, this will not prevent you of getting new, desired, tasks.
After clicking the Counsellor icon, the "Quests" Window will open. There you will find the "Active Quests" and "Completed Quests" tabs.

After completing a quest given by the Counsellor, turn to the Counsellor again in order to receive the Reward. Click the "Get Reward" in the completed quest.
If the Objective is to perform actions that you had performed before, it is possible that you will have to perform the actions again in order to receive the reward for the quest.
The reward for some quests can`t be taken if there is going to be a battle in the Capital in less than 2 hours. Those rewards are for example troops or instant building of all constructions.

"The Ancients’ Protection" quest.#

The Ancients arrive 3 hours later after you click the "Get Reward" button in the quest.
The Ancients stay at your Assistance slots for 60 days.
If a player does not login the game for more than 8 days Ancients will leave sooner.

If the Ancients are on their way to your city and you have closed the City Gates before their arrival, the Ancients will find a way to arrive to your city all the same.

On their arrival the Ancients occupy the Assistance slots of you domain.
If the Assistance slots are already occupied, the Ancients won’t be able to arrive. Therefore, while the Ancients are on their way, make sure you have free Assistance slots for them.

"Gift Monsters" quest#

Here is an exception: Monsters will refuse to attack Arch-Ruins (level 7).

"Pit/Mine Location" quests#

Algorithm is as follows:
If there are domains with the lifespan more than 30 days, then
- unoccupied by other player domain and domain closest to any big city of the player is to be revealed;
- if there is no such domain then unoccupied domain in any part of the Empire Map is to be revealed;
- if there is no such domain then the closest occupied domain reveals;
- if there is no such domain then occupied domain in any part of the Empire Map reveals;
- if there is no such domain then a player will not be able to receive the Reward and will have to try again later.


Completing some quests you may receive Medals or Orders of Fraction War Veteran, Rich and Strong Clan, Monsters Annihilator, Trade veteran, Spy Veteran, Pits Invader, etc., as present.
You can see these presents and presents from other players when pointing cursor at a player’s domain on the Kingdom Map.

List of medals of merits:

Bronze Silver Gold
"Fraction War Veteran"
"Fraction War Veteran"
Medal "Monsters Annihilator"

List of medals for quest-records:

Bronze Silver Gold
Medal "Gods’ Protection Veteran"
Medal "Robber Veteran"
Medal "Pits Invader Veteran"
Medal "Transporter Veteran"
Medal "Veteran - destroyer"
Medal "Lakes Invader Veteran"
Medal "Joint Attacks Veteran"
Medal "Veteran of espionage"
Medal "Trader Veteran"
Medal "Veteran - capturer of slaves"

Quests titled "First War against Monsters" – for each of the three parts of the whole quest Aratogl will handle you a scroll-license that will show everybody that you have an important mission and are ready to co-operate with other rulers who have the same kind of scroll to fulfil the given mission.

Regarding the repeat rewards the general rule is as follows:
If a player has active reward with the same value of bonus (%), the reward will be prolonged for the specified time.
If a player doesn’t have active reward with the same value of bonus, both rewards will be active.

If you have: Reward 1 - +50, activity time – 6 days,
Reward 2 - +30, activity time – 4 days,
Reward 3 – +50, activity time – 3 days,
This is what you’ll get: +50 for 9 days +30 for 4 days