Military-economic online strategy game

My Lands: Black Gem Hunting is a browser-based massive multi-player on-line game (MMOG). Genre: military-economic real-time strategy game

You cooperate with thousands of players in real time: develop your city, trade, make alliances and start wars. You are also able to choose a military or a mining server.

The browser-based on-line game MyLands opens the portal to the new world. This game was developed by our team to meet the highest requirements of browser on-line game fans to military-economic strategy projects and give you the chance to conquer a new world together with your friends. The on-line game offered by us is a browser-based game that does not require downloading and installing the client. Military-economical browser strategy is the best way to spend time. If you enjoyed playing the Heroes strategy, you will surely value all the advantages of the game MyLands, first of all because many thousands player are engaged in playing. MyLands is a browser on-line game and can therefore be accessed from any computer with internet connection. Online game My Lands will perfectly suit the players who would prefer not to involve into utmost complicated missions. Playing this online game is very simple, every one will get along here, moreover the first quests are delivered with many hints and after they are accomplished everything will be going swimmingly. This online game is agreeable in every aspect, from graphic to interface. Great classic browser strategy My Lands with interesting quests. Great variety of characters was a pleasant surprise as well. Players nay choose between 4 races each of which belongs either to Dark or to Light Faction. Browser game My Lands provides detailed description of each race, including their origins, distinctive features and advantages in the game. Once you chose a race, the browser game begins. Everything depends now on your skills in the online game. Start building your own city in My Lands, study sciences, for this is very important, since they provide you with different skills. Won`t get far without them. So, step by step you amass strength, create army, learn precious knowledge and level your heroes. In MyLands you can play both PvP and PvE (on military or mining servers). In Internet you can find different browser-based games (on-line strategy games take one of the leading positions), so why we offer you to play MyLands? Our browser-based game combines the best features of other computer games (both browser-based on-line and usual ones). This is a completely new browser on-line game that can be played on any computer while the full-screen mode will take you even more deeply into the world of our game making you forget this is just a browser game launched without any client parts. Now you can register in our game and become an explorer of the new in-game world. You have never played any browser-based games and don't know what a browser-based or on-line game means? This won't be a problem. The game features special guiding quests and in a few hours` time you will be able to play My Lands as a real military strategist. Moreover, there is an on-line Game Encyclopaedia where the game and different in-game strategies are described in details. Our browser-based on-line strategy game is continuously developing providing new possibilities. Unlike in any other on-line game, the world around you will develop together with you. Don't wait and start playing MyLands right now otherwise lands will be seized by enemy clans. If you have questions, ask them on our in-game forum. There you will be advised what strategy to choose and what buildings to construct. MyLands is waiting for you!


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