Clans have more extended functions than Alliances.

In order to register a clan it's necessary to:

In order to join a clan it's necessary to:

Clan can consist of 5 to 100 members. If a clan has less than 5 members, it has a status "Registering" and isn't considered a full value clan. Such Clans are shown in grey in ratings.
Maximum number of Clan Members at the moment is defined by the Clan level. The level can be increased in the Diplomatic Corps building.

There are two types of Clans: Monarchic and Democratic.

Clan Level increase
Each increase of Clan Level requires a certain contribution of Gold from Clan Members. Only players who reached 10,000,000 points of the Main Rating can contribute to Clan development. Contributions are made by clicking the "Contribute" button depicting Gold in the "Clans" tab.

Clans are Monarchic by default. Beginning from level 3 a Clan can be transformed into Democratic.

Level Capacity,
1 5
2 10 50 000 25
3 15 150 000 100
4 20 300 000 300
5 25 1 000 000 800
6 35 5 000 000 2 000
7 50 10 000 000 5 600
8 10020 000 000 16 000

How to get to know who is the Head of a Clan?
Open the Clans Strength Rating and enter the name of a Clan in the search field.
When the search is completed point at the Clan name. The name of the Clan Head and his Capital’s coordinates will be shown in the pop-up box.

Rights of the Clan Members:#

Clan Head can assign rights of the Treasurer and the Secretary to any Clan member, or dismiss them.

Treasurer can accept new members for the Clan, and expel any members, including the Secretary, but excluding the Clan Head. Treasurer has access to the "Clan Warehouse" and "Clan Reservation" buildings.

War Minister can accept new members for the Clan, and expel any members, including the Treasurer, but excluding the Clan Head. Secretary sees the attacking missions against the Clan-mates in the "Missions" window. This option can be regulated by checking or un-checking the "Show attacks against Clan-mates" box.