Wood is produced in:

Crops are produced in:
Stone is produced in:
Gold is produced in:

Iron is produced in:

The Black Gem is a special resource. A separate article is dedicated to it.

Resources Production rate can be affected by:

-50% -50% +100% -50%
+70% -50%
-50% +200%

Bonuses from 2 to 7 are shown in the appropriate buildings when pointing cursor at the production value inside the building.

In order to learn what is Resource Production provided by, enter the Main Building of a domain and point at the Resource Production value.

Resources are produced and stored in the domain where the Producing Building has been built. If the amount of resource, stored in a domain, reaches the Warehouse limit, the Resource Production stops. Stored resources can exceed the limits, but in this case, resource surplus will be gradually plundered. The more the surplus is, the higher the speed of plundering will be. 1% of resource lacking storage space is plundered per hour.
EXAMPLE: On the picture – the Gold is consumed by troops, and the surplus that doesn't have a room in the Warehouse is plundered.

The Warehouse limit is defined by the number and the levels of Warehouses and Main Building in sum.
Slotting and reallocation of space for resources at Warehouse can be managed in the Main Building with the aid of the round chart. Only free space in Warehouse can be treated, in other words – it is impossible to provide less space for a Resource than it occupies at the moment.

If more than 999.999.999 resources of the same kind get into a domain, all resources above this amount vanish without prior warning. Resources robbery can be decreased by 100%.