Book of Spells#

In order to open the Book:

Spells may appear in the Book in several ways:#

from Scrolls or Active Skills.
appear in the Book after the appropriate Hero Skill has been studied.
appear in the Book after a Scroll have been placed into the Hero Bag.
In the Book of Spells, near the Scroll image, number of Spells, which equals to the number of items of the same name and the same level in the Hero Bag, is shown. Spells of the same name but different levels are displayed by different images. After a Spell was cast, the Item is removed from the Hero Bag.
Any level Scroll can be used by any level Hero.

Cast a Spell#

In order to cast a Spell click the Spell image in the Book of Spells and then – "Cast" button, or double-click on the Spell image.
If cast a Spell with name, same as already active Spell, the new Spell will replace the effect of the previously cast Spell (if the previously cast Spell of the same level or lower). In case the previous Spell is of level higher, it will be impossible to cast the Spell.

Rules of Spells Effects and Spells Casting
Spells will not affect units and Heroes in the Sanctuary.
If a Spell can be cast upon a Hero and a Domain and the Hero is in the Sanctuary, the Spell will not be cast upon the Hero after the Hero is in the Garrison of the Domain under the Spell.
Hero cannot cast Spells being in a Domain with closed Gate/Tunnel, same as a Spell cannot be cast upon the Hero.
Hero cannot cast Spells being on mission, including participating in the "Assistance" mission.

Spell Parameters:
After a Spell with Activity Time was cast upon Hero/City, the image of Spell cast will appear on the Hero/City. If a Spell was cast upon player, the image of Spell that have been cast will appear in the lower panel of City.

Spell effect can be instant or lasting. Effect can be applied to own/enemy/ally/clan-mate’s Hero or Domain.
Spell can affect not only the Spell bearer.
For example, a Spell was cast upon own domain (the domain is a bearer), where the enemy troops arrive. The enemy troops can be affected by the Spell.
Remember that Spells are not working if Hero is Stunned.