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Descriptions specify.
__Lasting __ Spells are displayed on the bearer as the __image of cast Spells __, that are similar to Spells images in the Book of Spells.. \\
* Spells cast upon a __domain__ are displayed as vertical column of images to the left in the domain. \\
* Spells cast upon a __Hero__ are displayed in the window with Hero Doll to the left. \\
* Spells cast upon a __player__ are displayed as horizontal line above Garrison slots at the bottom of domain screen. \\
* All Spells that are __active in battle__ (that have effect when battle) are displayed in Battle Report as a separate line below the army slots of the appropriate player. \\
__Instant __ Spells are not displayed as images of cast Spells.\\
At Espionage on domain that is being a spell bearer, images of cast Spells are available at level 1 access.\\
Spells cast upon a Hero will be available if access Hero Doll when spying or observing missions. \\