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Первый город - Столица. Его можно развить до максимального из существующих уровней - пятого.\\
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Далее, по мере развития [науки|науки], можно [основать|Колонизация] еще 4 города. Их размер будет зависеть от поля, на который вы отправите [поселенца|Колонизация].\\
Поэтому, при выборе места для нового города [исследуйте|Исследование] поля в королевствах.\\
!First City
Your first city is the Capital. The first City can be developed to the maximum existing City [Level|City] – level five.
Each city has 4 [villages|Villages] with cells suitable for buildings construction.\\
Cities cannot be seized, as opposed to [Outer Domains|OuterDomains] that can be [re-seized|Combat] from other players.\\
Capital, unlike other Cities, always has 51 cells for [buildings|Buildings].\\
Capital cannot be removed. All quest rewards are delivered there. Also, certain buildings can be built only in Capital.\\
However, the status of Capital can be transferred after studying the "Capital Transfer" science.\\
The __coordinates__ of any player's Capital can be seen if point at a player's name in the Ratings Window, or in the Messages Window after adding a player to the Contact List.
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\\__Уровень города__.\\
В любом новом городе сперва 22 ячейки. По мере улучшения [здания|Здания] Городская Ратуша - растет количество ячеек внутри городской стены. Но не более, чем Максимальное количество ячеек для поля, на котором построен город (кроме Столицы).\\
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||Максимальный ||Кол-во ячеек ОТ||ДО
||уровень города || ||
|1| 22| 22
|2| 23| 27
|3| 28| 33
|4| 34| 38
|5| 39| 43
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В любом городе есть 4 __поселка__, в которых также можно будет строить здания, когда Вы разовьете Центральное здание до максимального уровня, откроете ворота и изучите [науку|Наукa] Поселки. На поселки за городской стеной, кроме Вас, претендуют Ваши ближайшие соседи по королевству. \\
Здания в поселках могут быть разрушены. \\
Здания внутри городской стены разрушить невозможно.\\
Города не могут быть захвачены. [Внешние владения|Внешние владения] перезахватываются.\\
!Navigation Between Cities
Later, as [science|ScienceDescription] develops, you will be able to [found|Colonisation] up to 7 more cities. Their size and level will depend on the square where you will send your [Settler|Colonisation].
Therefore, [explore|Exploration] Kingdoms in order to choose the best square for new city foundation. Your Explorers will provide information on what level a city founded on this square can reach.\\
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On the top of the Game Window you can see the name and [coordinates|Kingdom] of your current domain. From your domain you can move to your other domain by choosing it from the drop-down list. [{Image src='1.jpg' align='center' }]
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!City Level
At the beginning any new city has 22 cells. As the [Main Building|Buildings] upgrades, the number of cells inside the City Wall increases. This number cannot exceed the maximum number of cells for the square where the City was built (except for the Capital).\\
Maximum number of cells in a city can be increased with the aid of the “City Expansion” science. But expansion is possible to a maximum of 43 cells, regardless of the maximum level of the Main Building.
Notice that the Main Building level will not change with the cells number increase by the science.
||Maximum ||Number of Cells from||to
||City Level || ||
|__1__| 22| 22
|__2__| 23| 27
|__3__| 28| 33
|__4__| 34| 38
|__5__| 39| 43
!City teleportation
You can move your city together with its villages to coordinates of your choice. To do so, click any empty cell on the kingdom map and choose the relevant option in the circled menu. Be advised that the target cell shall not have any common villages with other cities/estates. The cost of moving is 99 BG. In the event of a failed attempt of moving a city, the BG will be charged anyway, so please before moving make sure the target cell is explored.\\
[{Image src='dfg.png' align='center' }]
Teleportation becomes available only upon studying the Land Management science.\\
After teleportation terrain will change, level and amount of cells in the city remains the same. \\
If in the event of tepeportation any mining buildings end up on cells with unsuitable resources, such buildings will be destroyed upon a warning in a dialog box.
[{Image src='gfd.png' align='center' }]
The city is moved instantly. A city cannot be moved, if an incoming attack strikes it in less than 6 hours, or if there are any incoming/outgoing missions in the city. In the event of teleportation all assistance missions in the city will be cancelled (Ancient Assistance as well). Upon moving the Gate in the city gets instantly closed, if it was opened. It takes longer than usual to open the Gate for the first time after the teleportation.\\
!City Removal
Player can remove any of his Cities, but Capital. After the city removal all the buildings and resources in the City will also be done away after the confirmation dialogue. \\
The troops located in the City that is being removed will flee to the nearest City with the [Escape|OuterDomains] mission.\\