Can be constructed in Capital inside the City Wall only.
The Tavern building can be constructed if the "Heroes Managing" science has been studied.

Builders requiredCrystals
1 10000 20000 20000 3000 0 2000


3 000 000

1 000 000

500 000

200 000


4 000

There are 2 boxes with images of heroes that can be hired in the Tavern building. The Heroes are randomly changed each day. Both Heroes are of the 1 level of random class.

Other Heroes can be invited by clicking the "Invite others" button. After clicking the button, the list of Heroes will be renewed.
If player invites other Heroes, there is 10% chance that one of the invited Heroes will be of the previously fired.

Click the Hero image in order to see information on the Hero.
Hero hiring costs Gold amount of which depends on the Hero level.

After clicking the "Hire" button, the hired Hero will be located into the Hero slot in Capital Garrison. In case there is other Hero in the Garrison, the Hero will be located into the Sanctuary.

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