In order to leave for vacation:
click the Treasure Chest, open the Global Services tab, and purchase the “Leave for vacation” service for the Black Gems.
After this you will see a window from which you can get to the window of choosing servers or stop your vacation (after confirmation). This means that vacation mode is activated.
NOTE: it is impossible to leave for vacation if an attack has been launched against you.

You can leave for vacation:
for 15 days – with no less than 1 month between repeat vacation.
for 30 days – with no less than 6 months between repeat vacation.
for 60 days – with no less than 12 months between repeat vacation.

After the vacation begins, other player won’t be able to attack any of your domains.
Combat units in all your domains will not require any salary. Resources production in all your domains (including the Black Gems production in Salt Lakes) will be stopped.
Science studying will continue, as usual.
Your Substitute won’t be able to look after your domains when you are on the vacation.

Vacation mode can be stopped any moment you like.

During the time of vacation your resources won`t be stolen and the buildings won`t begin to fall apart.

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