How much time characters and accounts of players are kept in the game if disuse? What is Riot?

Game Characters of the players who do not login the Game for a long time are deleted from servers, but their accounts will be valid for 12 months since the last login.

Depending on the level of the Main Building of a single city, the Game Character can be deleted within 7-42 days since the last login.

After several days of a ruler’s absence in the Game, inhabitants of the ruler’s city can raise Riot - they leave their working places and open the City Gate if it was closed. *The Gate opening at Riot occurs at 20:00 server time.

Don’t leave your Workers without supervision for a long time. Otherwise they will start playing truant. If a ruler doesn't appear in the Game for 4 days (no matter if there is a Riot) 80% of workers leave their working places.
When the ruler appears the Counsellor will suggest driving idlers to work with one click.

Main Building Level Gate Opening (Riot) Deletion
1 3 days 4 days
2 5 days 7 days
3 7 days 10 days
4 7 days 21 days
5 7 days 42 days

If a player has more than one city with any levels of the Main Buildings, the Riot and gate opening occurs in 7 days, and the character deletion – in 42 days since the last login.
A Substitute can look after a player’s (he substitutes) domains at the player’s absence and this will prevent Riot but won’t prevent character deletion.

If a player has Premium the rules of Riot and deletion will not be applied to the player while Premium active.
After Premium runs off, general rules of deletion will be applied.

If a player uses "Vacation" service, the rules of Riot and deletion will not be applied to the player while the Vacation active.

If a character is banned permanently for violating the rules, it will be deleted from the server 30 days after the last login to the server, regardless of the Premium.

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