In order to hire a Hero you need to:#

  • study the "Heroes Managing" science,
  • construct the Tavern building,
  • and be of Suzerain rank.
  • notice that Heroes cannot be hired if the Capital is being under attack.

If a Player having Hero loses the Suzerain rank, the Hero will not obey the player until the player obtains the Suzerain rank again. In such case the Hero behaves as Stunned.

Click a Hero’s image in order to see the Hero’s parameters, artefacts, scroll, spell and skills.

Each Hero has:#

  • a random Name from the list (which can be changed after Hero is hired),
  • Class,
  • Specialty,
  • some Mana,
  • some Experience,
  • Level.

Mana is used to cast Spells.#

It has a property of regeneration or it can be replenished with bottles of Mana.
Mana is not regenerating if hero is stunned, in the Sanctuary or in mission.

Level depends on Experience and can be increased.#

Level is restricted by the "Hero Managing" science.

Experience #

Experience has a maximum limit. When the limit is reached, Experience will not increase anymore. Experience a Hero gains depends on the cost of enemy units killed (calculation is performed after the Resurrection round).

1 Experience point that goes to Attacker in case he wins equals to 5000 Gold of killed enemy units cost according to the market average rate for Mining servers, and 2000 Gold – for Military servers.
In case a Defender wins battle, each 20,000 Gold of killed enemy units cost will give 1 Experience point for the Defender; if loses – each 333,333 Gold. If Attacker loses, 1 Experience point will equal to 200,000 Gold of killed enemy units cost.

In battle against Monsters, 1 Experience Point for Mining servers equals 1 Gold of killed Monster units cost and 5 Gold of killed Monster units cost for Military servers.

If several players fight on one side, the Experience will be distributed proportionally among the players according to the cost of their troops for the moment of the battle start.
If a player does not use Hero in battle, the player’s portion of Experience simply disappears.

Stunned Hero do not gain any Experience.

Attacking Hero will lose a battle without troops, even if there is no defending army too. This is because Heroes do not have such parameter as "Attack".